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How to update a WordPress theme via FTP?


Before updating the theme, be sure to backup your site and database! All changes previously made to theme files will be lost forever after the upload of new files.

You need:
- A zip archive with the new version of the WordPress theme.
- An FTP client (FileZilla, for example).
- Access (host, login, and password) to connect to your server via FTP.

You will need to download the zip file for your theme to your local computer before starting this process:

1) Connect to your hosting with FTP.
2) Navigate to the /wp-content/themes folder for your WordPress site.
3) Upload your theme to this folder.

Note: You'll need to unzip the file on your local computer, and then upload the unzipped folder of files.

When updating via FTP, posts, casinos, games, bonuses, pages, and theme settings will not be affected.

Detailed video tutorial